distributions/models clash

i laid down the distribution of 'rocks, grass, bushes,etc.' ![0_1515045143184_fence in rock.PNG] then placed a model (the fence).
is it possible to delete One part of the dist. (the rock)??0_1515045245519_fence in rock.PNG

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Set the density slider for that distribution to 0 (zero) and use a very small brush size to trace along the fenceline, then rebuild terrain and check it. If you still get the rocks intersecting your fence, just do it again but with a slightly wider brush until you're satisfied. 🙂

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TY, mex_420... ok i understand, i watched all 3 of Nix's tuts on mapping (really good stuff) and keep bouncing back to it. Your advice fits into the little i know Perfectly! i see some people post that "this is a map i tossed together in an hour". Bullpoop. i took me an hour just to get my fence to sit properly on uneven ground.
i found that if I put the cursor somewhere and bump the scroll wheel it will move the view to that place. that has been a harder thing to grasp, when playing the view is much closer, and is different than having the ability to see the Whole map, while editing. Again TY for all the great advice you have offered me these past couple of months. Rufus

Yeah, took me a bit to get used to that too...
If you zoom in with the mouse's scroll-wheel, it zooms towards wherever the cursor is.
I'll offer up any knowledge I have to help out because odds are good I only know something because I've asked somebody here for help previously as well... 🙂

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