Getting skipped by wave spawns

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My buddies and I were noticing that we are sometimes getting left out of a wave spawn, despite being active (not afk) and simply waiting in spectator mode after a death.

It happens infrequently, but enough to be quite annoying. It also seems tied to menu actions, whether that be hitting escape, in your load-out menu, you will not spawn with the rest of the team.

We have remedied this by making sure not to press anything just before wave spawn--not an ideal solution.

Anyways, I hope that made some sense.


I have had it happen in the past beta as well... not sure what the commonality was that creates the circumstance.

Didn't happen for me last beta, or alpha, but it seems to happen a bit on the second beta for me.

I can confirm this happened to me too today in the second beta. I can't say for sure if I did anything in the loadout screen before.

Can confirm that this happened to me and another friend as well. This happened in the first beta #1.

It seems kinda random who gets into the spawn wave and who doesn't. I've loaded in before some players even connect to the server only to find that they get to spawn in and I don't.

Update: it's now Oct. 13th and this hasn't been fixed yet. It's my only major gripe with the game.

It happened to me 3 times in a row lol. really annoying.

Also happened to me multiple times in the past few days

It usually happens on the map Crossing.

I get it too. At the start of a match I get left out of the game even though I quickly select a preset option. I get that some computers run faster or slower than others and this may be the logic behind it. The loading screen.