Quick Thought for Cosmetics


Great job on Beta 2, it's come a long way since alpha.

I propose this slight change to cosmetics that might make them more interesting:
*Note this applies to the security forces only.

Remove the "Camo" option and instead split the different camos into the leg and torso sections. Then simply halve the prices of every item (because the camo is now split into two sections)

This would allow for players to mismatch top and bottom camos, which will make for new unique and customizable options.

I mean, who wouldn't want to rock tiger stripe bottoms with a flecktarn top amiright?!

I think this would add more value to the cosmetics progression, and might not even require a whole lot of work from the dev team.

For those of you who think "oh but it's about realism, in the actual army they don't mismatch camo!" I totally get that, but from a gaming/progression/incentives perspective, I think this makes the most sense.

Thanks for reading and see you in game,

In poorer countries they do mismatch camos you are not wrong, I would personally really enjoy this id also like to see non camo options like just olive drab or black.