Heeeey !
Quick message because there's nothing more to say; I can't launch the game because of an error message that pops out on my screen and stay as long as I don't click on it. If I click on it then the game closes.
alt text

There's no problem about launching the game if I let the app. error message on my screen
alt text

but it won't let me play anyway.

So obviously I'm trying to get rid of it by clicking on OK or on the red cross, but it closes the game and this appears:
alt text

May you help me by sending every idea that comes out of your mind that could solve the problem ! Or just solve it, please.

Love you all!

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  • SOLUTION (Windows 7.)
    It works for other Windows, but feel free to check sources at the end of this post if you got any troubles with the following steps.

STEP 1. Launching cmd -

Launch your windows cmd in admin mod. (win+R, type cmd then press Enter)
alt text

STEP 2. Scanning dnsapi.dll -

Type sfc /scannow on the admin cmd.
This will clean your System32 file including dnsapi.dll, source of problems.
alt text

STEP 3. Grab some food for the next 15 minutes -

Wait until the cmd tells you that the procedure is over.
It will tell you if you still have some problems or if everything is fixed.
You can find scan logs to check what happened the last minutes on your lovely computer. (cmd will tell you where you can find it. If the acces is denied just copy the .txt to your desktop and you will able to read it.)

STEP 4. Checking logs if needed (facultative) -

Press CTRL+F to search for dnsapi.dll on the logs and you will be able to check updates.
alt text

STEP 5. Enjoy the game and dance with Slippy -


NB.: Check the --> source <-- that helpt me the whole way. Also, it will explain you how to fix something if the scan can't solve 100% of problems.

Love you all!