So I was excited to try beta 2 last night, but what a disaster it was.

The biggest problem was this weird slow down bug I had.
I loaded into a game and my fps was nice and high, about 90, which was strange as I had vsync on dueto only having a 60hz monitor, but anyway I noticed the opening reload animation was super slow, then I ran off, and it was super slow. Other players were running infront of me much quicker, but even they looked like they were going in slow motion.

I thought maybe the game speed had been reduced, A LOT, but then tried with no armour and just my gun, it was the same. Aiming down sights was the same, slow mo, unpinning a grenade etc. All a while my fps was about 90.

It was unplayable and just plain weird. Anyone else have this? I couldn't see it listed as a known bug.

Other bugs I had.
First off I had my Xbox controller plugged in from playing pro evo earlier. So it picked up the controller, which was fine as can still use keyboard. Well i could to an extent. I got into a game as a spectator (which wasn't ideal) and the next player icon was for the controller. So I tried using pc keys still but nothing. so I unplugged controller and now I couldn't control anything. Was stuck basically. Had to restart.

Restarted and controls were ok now. Once again put into a game as a spectator. The insurgents had 2 less players but it wouldn't let me join them? I was basically stuck in this lobby as a spectator.

I did thankfully get into games eventually by exiting out and coming back in, that's when I discovered the slow motion.

Mot a great start to beta 2.