Considering a REFUND

The game will be released in a couple of weeks, and it still feels like a Version 1 early access alpha. It's way too unpolished.

Horrible animations, Cringy voice acting, bullet damage is not balanced, movement speed is not balanced, character models look like 1970s plastic action figures...etc. the list goes on and on.

With all honesty i enjoy Source Insurgency way more than this, so why should i keep this game? its still incomplete, and there is barely enough time to fix all its issues.

The Devs are following No Man Sky's steps by shipping out a half-baked game, and relying on a million future updates to fix the game by the next few years.

this game in its current state feels like a cheap Battlefield knock-off, its not as original as the Source Insurgency

So disappointed. I was a huge fan of this game, literally 800 hours in Insurgency Source...😔

@mohdak said in Considering a REFUND:

The Devs are following No Man Sky's steps by shipping out a half-baked game

That's a weak ass example and you know it...No Man's Sky had a developer with a track record of over-selling what it could produce and Sand is mostly feature complete (looking over any SDK or singleplayer/training map, etc), bugs, balance, and polish be damned since those are always being re-done after ANY game releases...unless you've not seen the current No Man's Sky content... >_>

Agreed. I think my feelings of wanting to refund will probably intensify as they 18 days go on.
How the fuck can they possible release this in a playerable state in only 3 weeks?

If it comes down to it, I think they should delay a bit and address the concerns before release. A delay is so less damaging, than launching when its not ready. Sandstorm has a lot of potential, but I am very concerned they are heading down the path of CoD/BF. Really hope they reconsider and stay true to to original (more realistic shooter, not the CoD speed games).

I have to agree. The game brings a lot of new features but the core isn't quite there, I really hope they reconsider and balance it to be more like the previous game. Since it's a beta I will play until release and then decide.