"Lost connection to server" or "Connection to server timed out"

Every time i try to get into a match it will find one and i will begin to join it. After it loads to 100% it just says "Lost connection to server" or if it takes too long it times out. Any fix? I havent even been able to get into a match yet.

This usually happens if your loading time is longer than 80 seconds (typically caused by slow harddrive or slow CPU). Please locate your client logs and send them along with your SteamID64 (or link to your Steam Profile page).


Zip the entire directory and submit it here or to our support e-mail: support@newworldinteractive.com

Is there anything I can do to get into a game? Still having the same problem and haven't got a reply email.

Latest Hotfix update increased timeout value to 150 second while your client game is loading just main level file much longer than that for reasons stated in my initial reply:

(typically caused by slow harddrive or slow CPU)

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