Deathmathc? Split-Screen? LAN support for console?

Does any of the game dev at NWI ever played any multiplayer shooter on the console? I have to ask, because Deathmath/Team Deathmatch was very popular on console way back in the 90's or the early 2000's. It still a very popular game mode ever since Goldeneye 007 came out for the Nintendo 64. For thous who end up forgetting how they were meant to be played, here a couple gameplay footage of how it was meant to be played.

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

The thought here is that no matter how many times you die in game. You would always respawn back in-game with unlimited lives and the game would continue until one player reaches the maximum kills or the timer runs out. There no need to have the wave base system coming to play.

I get it. Yea, sure. You want to bring Sandstorm to console. Chances are, it going to turn off new players since most official game modes from NWI are still going to use wave based system/One life game mode. If you want to make it more easy for them to play the game, at least add a Deathmatch/Team Deathmatch splitscreen for console players. Don't add any Fire Support in place. Especially when they don't have internet service at all.

One thing to note for split screen is that you can easily make a 'Screencheat' attempt that allows player to look at another second player person of view to get an idea where the second player is located. Why waste my time complaining about a screencheater? Why not have a LAN capability support for Console? I'm expecting LAN support to look something similar to the the PlayStation Link Cable for the original Playstation. Here another video in case your wondering.

Youtube Video

There is a couple example of LAN capabilities support for other console I could list out here if you like (GameCube Broadband Adaptor, Original Xbox Ethernet cable, and PlayStation 2 Network Adapter. Just to name a few.). I'm 99.99% sure that the Playstation 4 and Xbox One should be able to support LAN since it should already come with both an Ethernet adaptor and Built-in Wi-Fi adapter. Thought I never seen any game that utilized this feature before. The biggest reason why I would use a LAN rather than splitscreen is that it would increase the performance side since the console would only render one FPV on both consoles and increase the player's screen size. It should allow player to not only play Deathmatch, but all official NWI game modes that are currently supported for Sandstorm. No Screencheats.

Keep in mind that in order to set up a LAN support, you would need at least Two TV Screen, at least 2 console, and all player need to buy the official license of Insurgency: Sanstorm. Just to be clear on the console side, If I had a Xbox One for example. I could have LAN support for other Xbox One. Not the PlayStation 4 since they don't mix quite well.

Any chance for more game modes for console side? Please add Bots and offline support for multiplayer. Do not add P2P for Online play since you can easily exploit the game just like For Honor.

Are there still any plans to implement these new game mode/features for console side? It would bring me so much nostalgia back when I used to own a Gamecube.

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Hi, thanks for your post. There will be offline modes featuring all the pvp and pve modes with bots in Insurgency: Sandstorm.

I don't have the answer about LAN support on consoles, but it seems unlikely. To be honest I had never heard about LAN on consoles before reading this very interesting post.

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I purposely have to bring up this post, because I notice that a couple of developer's at NWI mention they used to play a tone of shooters/military Simulation only on the PC. I'm pretty sure I never heard anyone remembered anything about playing any multiplayer shooter on a console.

The only popular shooter that still plays 'Deathmatch/Team deathmatch' game mode is obviously the Call of Duty/Battlefront/Battlefield franchise. Chances are, when new players play Insurgency:Sandstorm on a home console for the first time. There will be console players out there that might scratch there, wondering "Where is the Deathmatch game mode?", "Why can't we have an infinite respawn system in place?", or rather "Why do we have play the official NWI game mode when I want to play Deathmatch?". Not saying we should have it as the official playlist, but an optional game mode that can be played split-screen or LAN support.