Hi all o/

So i played a lot of the beta yesterday, and i love love love the game and really cant wait to get my teeth stuck into it more. That being said, the one biggest issue for me is the performance, i'll list my computer specs below in a moment, but even running everything on low, fps hovers around 40-50 and the constant stutters/choppiness when you look around or in the heat of battle is absolutely ruining the immersive experience.

I've noticed there have been other posts about this, so my question is, in any of these threads about performance has any Dev's commented on if it is something they are working on, and is it something they will have sorted by release?

Many thanks to any replies 🙂

My Pc:
Ryzen 1600x cpu
Asus rog strix 8gb 1080
corsair 3000mhz 16gb ram

I also stream this game to twitch, so if anyone wants to come say hi or drop me a follow (i can follow back!) then find me at twitch.tv/Fowl_play_gaming 🙂

If you hit me up in stream i'd love to try grouping up with people too 🙂