Lost connection to host

I know there a probably 3.1x10^21 (310000000000000000000) threads on it, but I've been trying for literally hours, I've grown a beard, got a girlfriend and fantasized about shooting my computer at least 48 times while waiting to get into a game.
If you didn't already know it is a thing where after getting to 95% or 100% loaded it comes up and says "lost connection to host". any fix? or any plan to fix so I can play the game that I paid $30 for?

I also found a fun bug the 2 times I did actually connect I got put in spectator and it wouldn't let me out of it even when both teams had vacancies.
one like = one computer with no massive shotgun blast hole in the side ;-;

This usually happens if your loading time is longer than 80 seconds (typically caused by slow harddrive or slow CPU). Please locate your client logs and send them along with your SteamID64 (or link to your Steam Profile page).


Zip the entire directory and submit it here or to our support e-mail: support@newworldinteractive.com

sure thing anything to help fix it

still having this problem