The previous game is available on ge force now, the streaming nvidia service. SANDSTORM needs to be available on ge force now, or i need to cancel my preorder in the next 2 days.

lastly, the game, sandstorm, will destroy all fps on console if you can provide HIGH or max settings 65fps on xbox one x, 1080p or atleast 1920x1200 on console is perfect. Id put it on console now, and just keep tweaking controls over time, and youll easialy smash black ops 4 and battlefield, EASILY and im a 30 year old developer for battlefield. and i love our game, but this is the game i wanted us to make, sandstorm style.

something tells me you're not a 30-year-old developer from battlefield. lol cancel preorder good meme.

"Urgent" not.
Yeah right, a guy deving FPSes and playing them with a controller, the fuck outta here.

@tohkai And whats wrong with that, as long as you have fun?

If you were really a game developer you should realize that this game has far more urgent issues to be addressed...

I didn't think games devs lacked that much in literacy . . .

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