This game needs a Tactical Shield/Ballistic Shield

I was thinking that Insurgency Sandstorm could really benefit from having a Tactical Shield/Ballistic Shield for Breachers. This could give some additional tactical options when going into a room. This is an amazing feature in Rainbo Six Siege and it would add so much to this game. Thank you.

I have thought the same thing. Screw flashlights... give me a shield!

never gonna happen buddy, shields are used in cqb combat like in rainbow six siege, not this game's style

Ballistic shields are not employed by military forces, Too bulky wouldn't work out in the field and would just slow you down. Id say they wont add that it doesn't seem to fit anyways. Sounds good on paper but Insurgency leans more to a realistic esc shooter.

Shields, in real life, are NOTHING like they are in Siege.

Tactical teams use shields primarily to protect breaching teams from exploding breaching charges, and some police tactical teams use them to protect entry teams from pistol fire. Most modern shields will be penetrated easily by rifles, and many will not stand up to more than a few pistol rounds.

But they are soldiers in modern warfare,not secial forces in counter-terrorists situations.

They didn't use shields in Iraq bro.

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Ballistic shield, meet explosion

@edgar-markov You know these things could probably stop pistol rounds at most. ARs will cut through these like cake.

@imacookie While I agree fully that shields in this game would be incredibly out of place and unrealistic, they have started making modern breaching shields that can hold up about as well as level IV ceramic plates, stopping a handful of rifle threats with high velocity and lots of kinetic energy before failing. They are heavy and impractical as all get out though for all but law enforcement types who are getting out of a tac van and moving a short distance to enter a structure.