Suggestion - Mobile Radio

I always feel that announcers that call out certain things that are occurring in the match ruin the immersion. So I was think what if instead of just a voice coming from the heavens it would be coming from a mobile radio on your person, but that's not all, there are so many possibilities that come with this feature.
This is my take on it... So something happens and your radio gives you all that information, but not only you can hear it since it is a radio. So if you are near an enemy they could be alerted by your radio. This feature on its own would be very annoying so added along side this will be the option to turn your radio on and off. When it's off you won't have to worry about it giving away your position, but at the same time you won't be able to hear all the important information that it gives. This would be great for the hardcore competitive and immersion aspect of the game.

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I absolutely LOVE this idea! +1

Forgot to add that it would also include team chat and enemies will also be able to hear what you are talking about with your team, but the range wouldn't be crazy so they won't be able to make-out every word.
Although this wouldn't work with out proximity chat between enemies.
(I think proximity chat would also be a great addition to the game)

If you disagree with my ideas i would like to hear your argument, in a totally friendly way of-course. Everyone is free to have their own opinions, plus i would like to know if there are any flaws in what I'm suggesting.

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