Add better squad visibility. Help squads stick together!

In the original sandstorm, squad members had a different color tag. Don't make this game a downgrade in terms of squad cohesion!

I think this would be very helpful, as well as tweaking the UI colors overall as it is sometimes tough to tell where teammates and objectives are when playing.

I agree, this feature is much needed

Agreed. Same as with the alpha, I still can't link up with my party and observer/commander because there is no coloured icons on the tactical map

18 days until release

I couldn't see the icon for the commander so I had to use the map to look in the right direction before I could see the white tinted icon.

Add it to the options menu, so you can change the colors of all icons to what you want, this is also good for people with color vision deficiencies.

Having your party/friends be the color green like the last game would make it so much easier to see who your friends/party are (i loved that feature

Also making teammates more visible would be a plus like Destroyn said. Great post Destroyn

Teammates need to be more visible, party members need to be a different colour.

We have been trying to get this since alpha...


We have been trying to get this since alpha...

Oh God. If it was mentioned months ago back then and is STILL NOT IN THE GAME then.... My faith in NWI wains further.