My experience with the new started beta

Dear devs and players,
I just want to give my feedback for the actual beta-stadium to the devs and you all. Here is my actual gaming-rig:

  • Intel I7 4790K
  • Geforce GTX 1070 ichill X4 from Inno3D
  • 16 GB Kingston HyperX DDR3-RAM
  • 1 TB Samsung 850 EVO SSD

First bug was detected at start:

  • My character had no pants on and had invisible legs 😃

About the performance:
You improved the game from test to test. Pre-Alpha test was garbage, first short beta test was better but still not nice to play, this actual test is PLAYABLE. What means playable? There are still a lot of bugs and the graphics still needs a lot of improvements, but I get a much more consistent framerate on highest settings than ever before.

If I set all on highest I get FPS like 75-85 FPS with framedrops in between. In my opinion you are doing good in the short time you had since the last test. You should keep focusing on performance improvement and after this you should work on better lighting and graphic settings.

Actual the game looks way to bright for me. The lighting looks very unnatural for me, because everything is bright and there are not much shadows. Last step should be improvement of movement and size of the characters. They look a little bit silly in proportions/size.

Keep on working 🙂

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Likewise, also all my stats randomly jump around. and It has even gone down with a positive KD