Vote Kick System

I've been in a handful of Co-op games where 1 player is AFK and ends up being the last man standing; I think it would be useful to have a vote kick system in order to mitigate this, as well as intentional team harmers. Has there been any thought about this?

+1 I am sure it is on the list to add, waiting patiently for this.

Vote kick is a must for a game like this. I ran into a guy team-killing me and another dude and never got kicked for it. So it turned into a "Who can aim better fight"

You're not the only one who's posted something like this. Since ALPHA and BETA began and ended, I've read like 10s of posts that demand that there needs to be a vote system. I want the vote system back too!

SInce it's the last pre-release closed playtest, I feel as though that NWI won't add a vote system until the final release of INS:S, so we're going to have to deal with the BS of AFK players now. I'm assuming that NWI assumes that whoever is participating in an ALPHA or a BETA, everyone is focused and interested in playing for their whole time, but that idea is too ideal.

This has been an ongoing discussion since alpha...