In my 10+ hours of trying the Beta2 I collected some bugs I encountered and came across and made a list of them and suggestions which I will post here so the Devs and or Mods can take a look at it. I will update this list as much as I can in these 3 weeks of Beta2 Access.

My hardware:
MSI GTX 980 Ti

Playing @1080p

Performance: 60 - 120+ FPS (BUT can drop down to 2 - 60 FPS)
GPU Usage: 15 - 99% (it's mostly at 99% in spectator mode or in the menu) while playing it's mostly around 40 - 75%
CPU Usage: 30 - 60%
RAM Usage: 6-8GB


  • shoot out the car (it would be nice if you could shoot out of the car windows if you sit on the passenger seat)
  • restrict/limit intimidation - sometimes the players are spamming it and you can't use the chat and every enemy hears you/them
  • maybe include steam profile pic again (not really important, just missed it a bit compared to INS2)
  • why can I change my eye color when customizing a terrorist but not when customizing security?
  • get rid of stones in bushes so we can shoot through (there are "big bushes" on some maps and when an enemy hides behind them you just think 'I'll just shoot through the bush' - wrong. Inside of the bush is a big ass stone which you only notice when going near it. There are no bushes this size without "big stones" in it. It's just very confusing all the time)
  • lower TTK a bit maybe?
  • show the whole scoreboard too after the match/round

Collected from 30.08.2018 - 31.08.2018

  • little lag/freeze when breaching (breaching isn't a smooth animation)
  • shift doesn't work sometimes (sometimes you have to press it like 3 - 5 times so you actually start sprinting)
  • camera doesn't zoom in when changing stuff at the head or previewing eye color of the character (only possible with terrorists) which makes it extremely difficult to see differences in hair/beard style etc.
  • found 0 versus server but 1500 people online (in server browser)
  • gunshot sounds sometimes not present (you just don't hear anything from the gun - happens rarely but goes aways pretty quick after the first or second use of the gun)
  • smoke still flickering (rare)
  • slow texture loading (when joining server or after you spawn) and sometimes when looking /zooming far away (when zooming sometimes they don't load at all - looks extremely ugly then)
  • scoreboard sometimes doesn't show rank of the players
  • FPS drops to 2 FPS and general FPS drops (happens very randomly) +POSSIBLE Fix (Steam Forum) and at the bottom of the page linked+
  • players don't get XP and therefore can't level up (didn't happen to me but met a lot of people that have this bug)
  • Steam Overlay (Chat) is non-responsive / freezed when the game is loading into a server/game/match (as soon as you are on the server though it works normal again)
  • when you start Insurgency Sandstorm for the very first time the game by default runs in "borderless window"-mode. This will limit your FPS to your monitors refreshrate (30/60/..), +POSSIBLE Fix: Dev already acknowledged this and posted a solution. And at the bottom of the page linked+ Dev deleted post again, my personal explanation for it and what the post of the Dev consisted of is at the bottom
  • when you earn an item you only see the name of the item and not a little picture of it
  • fire grenade of enemies (Security) was invisible so I ran into the fire I heard it but couldn't see it

The game needs a lot of optimization. For me personally I understand it and have trust in NWI that they can fix/optimize the game enough and (maybe) release a hotfix in these 3 weeks - but a lot of friends and people I played with are very much disappointed because they expected some major improvements since Beta1 - especially in FPS and FPS drops. But I also met people that said they are happy with the improvements and understand that it is still in Beta and optimization etc. will still be done.

In the following link (Youtube video) I recorded a rubberbanding bug that happened (only once in those 10+ hrs) on a server - only at that specific door. Every time someone tried to go through the door(way) every player's ping jumped around between 200 - 900ms ping (The ping of User DarkAngel even spiked up to 1020ms).
I also compared how the Scope looks when setting the "Scope Quality" to either "High" or "Low".
And as a little "cherry on top" a Stormtrooper encounter.
The video itself is "Not listed" on Youtube. So it is only accessible via this link.

Rubberbanding Bug, Scope Setting comparison, Stormtrooper

Known Solutions For Bugs:

Resolution/Menu Size Bug:
Solution for "Resolution Bug/Menu size bug" where it cuts out the bottom of the screen so you aren't able to change the resolution of the screen (or apply any other changed settings) because you can't click "Apply changes" as described in these two posts:
It`s worse than early PUBG
Menu Size Bug

Go to Settings -> Set Display Mode: Windowed -> double-click on the Tab "Audio" -> it will now accept it and change to windowed.

OR Directly set the resolution of choice and then double-click the Tab "Audio".

I tested it myself.
I can apply settings, without clicking "Apply changes" at the bottom, when I double click on the Audio Tab.

Borderless window mode bug (capped FPS at 30/60/...)

Dev already acknowledged this and posted a solution.

Dev deleted the post again, don't know the reason.

To sum up what he said:
What was causing the bug:
Settings wouldn't save properly when you set your Window-Mode to Fullscreen - it would show "Fullscreen" but every time you would start Sandstorm (.exe) again it would reset to "borderless-window" but STILL show the Setting "Fullscreen"

The solution described was:
Every time you start up your game:

  1. Go into Settings
  2. Change from "Fullscreen" to "borderless-window" and hit "Apply"
  3. Change from "borderless-window" to "Fullscreen" again and hit "Apply"

Post probably got deleted because it didn't help everyone or because they decided to bring this included in a hotfix/patch. Or because it doesn't happen to every single one and they didn't want to start confusing everyone.

As described by User "ScoobZ" on Steam he posted a POSSIBLE fix to the FPS Stutter (it may not work but it can). Judging by the comments it helped most of the people but for some it didn't. It doesn't hurt to try it though if you have FPS Stutter problems. It turns off almost every settings (AFAIK) and changes some.

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