EXP, Stutter, FPS, Hideout connection, and Hideout Spectator, and last Farmhouse Stuck bugg

I may have posted somewhere but I can't find it.
I have a GTX 1050, Core I7700, 8gb Ram, and Harddrive.
EXP: My EXP Does not update when I finish a round.
Hideout: For some reason every time I join that map I would either lose connection or forced to become a spectator not able to join a faction even if there is room.
Farmhouse: In my coop game in Point B, There is stair in the right side of the building that leads up to a small balcony where we can see the main road that goes to point C and D. There is a small wall you can climb through to get to a white floor in order to have a top side advantage, but if you do, you will get stuck and not be able to move.