My gear: GTX 1050, Intel Core I7-7770, RAM 8gb, and Non-SSD harddrive.
EXP: Currently when I finish around, my exp bar does not change. Earlier today it was working.
Hideout: In that map, I would either lose connection every time or be forced to become a spectator and be unable to switch to the factions when there is room.
Stuttering: It is absolutely worse for me. Especially on the new maps. I would not be able to effectively aim or move without a 3-second pause.
Farmhouse: During my Coop game, I came to a spot on Point B (a cache we had to destroy). In that building the right side where there are stairs that goes up. I climbed a small wall next to the top of the stairs to gain an advantage, but I wasn't able to move the slightest. The whole game I was stuck.
Farmhouse is playable for me without stutters.