Stuck in Spectator Mode/Unable to Join a Team on Start

Sometimes when I join a game, it starts me in spectator mode and am unable to join a specific team. This happens in both verses and coop.

Was the game just starting or has it been going. If it in progress then you have to wait for the next obj to complete to spawn. If thats not the case then I dont know.

Same here, I think it happens when you are using the menu or some part of it even if it's the first round.

Yeah I had this to. The other team was 2 men down but couldn't join them. Teams appeared to be still respawning. Looks like a bug.

I had this and it was because the Loadout screen disappeared before I clicked Deploy. Opening the Loadout and clicking Deploy made me spawn.

I'm having the same problem as well. I definitely think it's a bug.

I Have the same issue, only applies to pvp interestingly enough

Same here ! Could not play at all !

Love you all!

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