Voice actor CRINGE is too powerful!!

I have never heard a more cringy voice acting in any game. As an Arab, hearing the insurgents telling their fellow terrorists "hold tight habibi" (which translates to "hold tight bro") before they fire explosive mortars on their infidel enemies does not seem too authentic for me. I highly doubt radical terrorists call each other " hey bro" in a fight.

And why is it when the characters die, they shout the most unenthusiastic and most boring "aahh" ive heard. Seriously, how long were the voice actors in the studio for, to sound this bored?! do they get breaks during the day? I swear anyone on earth can do a death scream that is more convincing than what there is in this game.

Also the faked and forced accents. Oh my god. This is just too painful to hear. How hard is it to find someone who is actually an Arab, and pay them enough money to speak a few lines with a real accent? Every time any character tries to speak with a fake Arabic accent i cringe, and 1 eye starts twitching.

Now i want to talk about the women voice actors. I am 100% sure one of the devs told the women voice actors to try as much as they can to sound tough. They are trying and failing miserably to sound like warriors. The occasional crack in their voices when the woman voice actor screams just gives it all away. JUST SOUND NORMAL! How hard can it be? if you spot an enemy, just say it. No need to force your throat out of your mouth just to sound tough.

God, i really hope sound mods will make a return in this game, i NEED to change the character voices...

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If you think the voice acting for INS:S is that bad, you should hear the voice acting from INS. As much as I don't really mind that the entire voice acting was done by one guy, and that I am a fan of his voice work, the two different accents for the Insurgent faction are obviously stereotyped, but just without the "Allah Akbar" phrases.

I will argue from my assumption that in our current social/political climate, Arabic-American/English-Speaking Arabic voice actors would refuse to voice characters that reflect badly on their ethnicity, even if there are offered money. The Insurgents represent a stereotype image of Middle Eastern terrorists and radical fundementalists, and unfortunately the byproduct of that image in US culture is slapped on of every Arabic person; if you were given the choice, are you yourself willing to voice a character that is a negative image of your ethnicity/cultural background?

I know I'm diving too deep into this, but this is what I personally believe as to why video game companies have difficulty finding authetic voice actors to voice enemies of different ethnicity and culture, especially Arabic characters as the enemy. Honestly, I would LOVE to hear an authentic Arabic accent in a military genre media without actors having to do a forced/assumed accent, and since it's BETA2, there is a chance in the final release the NWI that they'll work with the same voice actors again and improve on their lines. Maybe they'll hire a couple more later on. They've made good choices with a variety of voice actors for Day of Infamy in the past, so I believe they'll do the same for INS:S.

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I think the voice acting is good. I wouldn't want it to be too serious. Just like INS it separates the theme of the game from something too serious and reminds you that it's just a game, just for fun while keeping some authenticity, in a silly way. I like it.

@riddim no. just NO. This game IS serious, it not CoD, and it is not Battlefield V. It is all about authenticity and realism. Maybe not as much as ARMA, but it certainly is not like CoD. So yes, the voice acting must also be serious.

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Well that's your opinion and I respect it.

I think the voice acting is great. The female Security soldier sounds very desperate when calling in fire support or suppressed, which reminds me of the US army character in Day of Infamy which I liked.

i get what you're trying to say but as an arab as well i'd have to say you are wrong, because the voice acting in this game is the best i ever heard regardless of what you think and a lot of people think the same way

@yabrakprods Are you sure you are an Arab? I am having doubts, because they pronounce all Arabic words completely wrong. How can you not notice that?

if you're an Arab, you'll understand the following:

"3'abi" is pronounced as "habi"
"erja3" is pronounced as "irja"
"7abibi" is pronounced as "habibi"
"yallah" is pronounced as "yaaalah"
"qannas" is pronounced as "kanas"

thats all i can remember for now, but there are soo many other words that are mispronounced and the fake accent just makes it all worse

The only issue I take with the voice acting is that the "American" security sounds nowhere near as good as the old security. Sandstorm's voice acting for that is a giant miss, and I cringe every time I hear the American style security say anything. As soon as the American security voice stops sounding like the koolaid man trying to bust walls tactically I'll be happy.

I don't take any issue with the middle eastern voice acting, it's different from the old game but still feels like it fits. Things I'd like to see in the near future?

  1. Voice acting for different countries similar to commonwealth forces in DOI. Canadian voices preferred, but I'm biased by where I live.
  2. Old insurgency voices option. Voice acting helped the old game feel the way it did. Was also good for the occasional chuckle ("work as a team, have caution, save martrydom for later").

With regards to the voice acting, and being Egyptian myself, I do see where you are coming from. It does feel a little lacking, and forced more often than not. Voice work can be retouched, if they get enough feedback regarding the matter, so they can contact the voice actors to improve their lines.
What bothers me more, is the fact that most of the Arabic spoken is from the Security forces, and not the Insurgents, oddly enough.

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I´m ok with the voice acting, i just hope there are more voices to choose from on release!

Um...no. In what way is the female security player "trying to sound tough?" Her voice sounds stressed and cracked because it's a stressful situation. How would you propose someone sound "normal" in a warzone? How would you be able to raise your voice to overcome all the chaos and not have your voice crack once in a while?

All of your issues about the voice acting obviously come from some place of huge insecurity that you're trying to project on those of us who think the voice acting is just fine. Good, even.

@goongalajones That's because Security forces =/= American forces. In fact, if you take a look at what faces you can use on your security soldier, most of them are arabic and have arabic names too. Probably Kurdish people or whatever. important thing is that security side has american soldiers just as well as local arabic soldiers.

Same with insurgents, that have slavic soldiers on their side.