Bullets/explosives are still too weak!!!

3 bullets to kill with a sniper? 6-7 bullets to kill with an ak47? 2 RPG hits in a room to get 1 kill?

seriously this game just nerfed EVERYTHING when compared to the Source Insurgency...

If i go into a room and got surprised by an enemy, I am most certainly sure that i will not kill him by hip-fire, because he needs like 6-7 bullets to kill, and by hip-fire i can only hit him 3-4 times.

If i flanked 4 enemies, i can only manage to kill on of them, because by the time i unload 7 bullets on just one of them, the other 3 will have enough time to turn back and kill me. In Source insurgency i could kill all 4 if i flanked them, because it only need 1-2 bullets with an AKM to kill a single enemy.

This game needs a HUGE balance with armour and weapon damage. for now enemies are bullet sponges.

PLEASE FIX THIS. how hard can it be to maintain the same damage models from Source insurgency, just x2 all weapon damage, problem solved.

i agree it seems harder to kill now,but explosives needed to be nerfed as they were to much,iwas getting killed 7-8 times per match with bombs but only a few times by wepon as im pretty slow paced player

Absolutely agree. Weapons feel like pop guns. Esp hard hitting rifles like G3 m14 Scar etc l. You need good 3-4 bullets to kill someone thats a quarter of your mag. If you miss that nearly half a mag to kill 1 guy. This is ludicrous!!
In insurge 1 you could 1-2 shot pple with pistols now they are absolutely useless.
Damage needs to be increased but recoil too. Spray and pray seems like meta and this is supposed to be a "realistic" game. Everyone who had even a tangential encounter with real warfare knows that people fire short bursts at most as full auto fire is wastefull and ineffective.
This ends up making the game feeling like a bad knock off of CSGO or battlefield

Not sure if hitreg is messing with the stats of weapons and their stopping power, but I'd say it has a little bit to do with it.

To actually attempt getting kills on AI I need to spamfire the SVD and SKS just in case my first couple of shots don't register or TTK messes with me.

Comparing this to the first Insurgency, the TTK is a damn sight slower and it just doesn't feel good. Quicker TTK will help these weapons actually feel like death bringers, rather than pop guns.