So far I have noticed quite a few improvements on character animations : moving and running seems more natural, less robot-like and blocky. Gun handling, shooting and aiming look better as well. Recoil movement could maybe be emphasized in third person as sometimes the only way of telling the guy next to you is shooting is because you hear the sound and see the flash at the end of the barrel... while the rifle doesn’t move at all in his arms!

Aside from this one, my only other noticeable grudge is with hand grenades. When throwned, it literally looks like it’s being magically propel from a hand that doesn’t even make any throwing motion to accompany it. I’m hoping they keep on improving the animation system, so if ta the case, you may want to look at this one in particular!

EDIT: I wasn't sure if it was a bug or not but tried it again today, and the animation for melee at least with the Mk18 but also FAL and most likely all gun is basically a stabbing move, like if there was a bayonet, which looks silly when there's none. The older animation (basically hitting with the stock or body of the weapon) made more sense.

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