Insurgency Sandstorm BETA Review *Long Text*


Speedy gonzales everywhere ~ I think we can all agree that we run way too fast in this game, even with heavy armour on. The problem is annoying when one of the objectives has been captured and in few moments before the defenders could get into position, they're already on the next objective. Another part is when we're shooting at someone, they could zig zag in the same spot, Dodging majority of the shots. Even when getting hit directly, it doesn't stop their sprinting and make them hard targets to finish off.

Hit Registry ~ We feel like there's been so many moments when we had a clear shot on their head. Emptying our mag into them, Clear as day we hit them, Even seeing blood. Only for them to sprint away like a deer. Net coding seriously need to tweaked here to decent quality to the point where we don't end up breaking our computer screens because we emptied our entire mag into our enemies skull, only then do they turn around and put one bullet into our skull and die.

Weapons loaded with rubber bullets ~ With everyone wearing heavy armour and there being no option to have certain types of bullets, Your weapons feel seriously weak when firing upon the enemy. In the original Insurgency, You could have HP ammo and AP ammo which could make your weapons much more effective. I do like the idea of every weapon having different stats and effects, but with everyone being a juggernaut, its make certain SMG's and AR's feel underwhelming to the point where we never use them. Making it harder to kill someone with body shots and having to be lucky that we hit the head when going automatic onto our target (But good luck with that also when everyone is sprinting like they're Usain Bolt and the game registering the hits)

Lack of Vote Kick ~ We get those people that simply annoy us and the whole team. Rather be a Commander and/or Observer refusing to call in support, Team Killers, and someone being AFK. Since we can't remove these individuals, they are able to cause more problems for the community and spoil for a lot of people trying to play the game

Not being able to Switched Scopes ~ I thought having the holo and 2x sope would be ideal. The ability to switch from long range to close quarters would be interesting feature. But with there being no way to flip scope on the side make me very upset. and if it does... Its ways too cheap. The ability of a weapon to switch from CQC to Medium range combat is an proficient weapon . Hoping that the price will be doubled. making people think about their choice of scope.

Frame rates issues ~ You can multiple people complaining about certain frame rates are dropping dramatically to the point it becomes unplayable. Even with a powerful computer, People are still concerned with the game's stuttering and/or frame rates dropping.

Cost of Cosmetics ~ They are seriously too expensive. People are struggling to get the ones they feel suits their avatar because the games requests a large amount of in-game currency to unlocks the ones you want. Even something as Camo costs 500+ more credits. People are often relying on leveling up and hopefully the RNG gods grants them their wish. Buts it seems its skewed to the point where we're always going to get the commons. Make them cheaper so the players can get the ones they wants and we're not seeing the same customisation. Let there be Diversity.

Spawn killing Fire support ~ In then first beta I experimented to see how far the Fire support can be called upon. Turned out quite far. Then thought; "If I timed this correctly, Would I able to call in Fire support onto the the Defenders Spawn point? Killing them and making it easier to take the next objective without much obstacle?" That's what I did. Guaranteed to take the objective, I put myself on high ground, call on a Autocannon Strafe onto the enemies spawn from where I can see. The moment the objective was taken, and the team spawned...... BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT. Nearly all of them died (I'm guessing two or three survived). While satisfying, only realising that if the situation was reversed, I'd be quite furious for being killed the moment I got spawned, Waiting on another timer to spawn again. I would highly suggest spawning inside a building or an underground bunker to prevent such a cheap attempt at gain kills.


Heavy Mounted Machine Turret Vehicle ~ This is something Attackers need to attack the objective. With its caliber size and also being AP. This turret packs a serious punch that It can also shoot through walls. This make its idea for suppressing people, and with the right man on the gun, at the right position, Can be used to suppress the enemy from reinforcing their objective and shoot through walls where enemies are hiding behind. When nobody took the car (Mainly because most of you think that driving down the main road was a good idea, only for an RPG to tell you to get off his property. Resulting you thinking that its the worst thing to have) I took the car off road, and to the side of the objective. Going through destroyed buildings and debris. I position the car to the point where I can flank the enemy, hold the position for a while until my team was able to capture an objective. Earning a Praise from my comrades and lots of kills.

Commanders + Observers Support ~ By far what we needed, is a role that can provide a huge benefit for the whole team, and a nightmare for the opposition. When the enemy is dug in deep within the objective, making it seem that advancing towards it seems unlikely outcome. Only then for the Commander and Observer coming together, calling for an gunship. Knocking out those camping in certain spots you can't reach. Giving your team the opening they need to advance or defend. A good Commander and a Observer can change the outcome of the game. I joined a game and I was as security. We haven't secured the first objective and we were quite disorganised with people running into the enemies cross-hair and dying. Out of Reinforcements and out of options. I call for my Observer and position for a Gunship. The Gunship arrived and immediately wiped out the whole enemy. Giving us an opening to advance and secure the objective. Saving us from a loss and keeping the fight going. Same again with Mini-gun support and everything I had to score a lot of kills and securing all the objectives and thus winning the game. A Commander and Observer is by far key roles in this game and a good commander can win your team the game.

Customisation ~ I hope we get add Steam workshop into this but so far, I like the idea of customisation of our characters. Feeling unique and different from the rest. I hope we get more variety option even with body armour. Hell, I would like to see shoulder pads, Gas masks, Scarfs, Goggles and balaclava for Security forces.

Commander and Observer Share kills ~ In the first Beta, commanders seems to be the one receiving the kills points when the gunship, artillery or whatever support eliminates an enemy. Making Observers feel less important that the Commanders. Now with both of the sharing the kills. Its really does encourage team play for both of these classes.

Future Suggestions:

Include helmets ~ Not as customisation. But more for surviving against certain head shots. This way it gives more play style options, making people decide they want to be a fully armoured soldiers while sacrificing mobility, firepower and Utility. Except for Sniper Rifles with HP/AP rounds. We want to give Sharpshooters the ability to take down their targets

Two Cars ~ For attackers, Include one car for transport and another with MG. People would love to get into the fight immediately sooner

Tutorial Grounds ~ For newcomers and able to practice with certain fire arms and roles. Giving a lot of people time to practice and understand the concept of certain parts of the game. Including Roles, Game mode, Firing range and driving school.

Make Heavy armour reduce your speed and increase it's cost (NEEDED) ~ Hence the name "Heavy", heavy Armour with its ability to protect yourself from multiple shots to the chest should also reduce your mobility. being unable to sprint as fast and climbing over as fast as other with light or no armour. That way we can give a variety of play style and balance to the point where people would consider how they want to play and what could they use with the amount of currency we have.

HP Rounds and Armour Piercing Rounds (NEEDED) ~ Because everyone is wearing Heavy armour, it becomes quite the bother when you empty your AR/SMG or whatever Firearm into them and they still stand. Making everyone go for Heavy Armour to endure even Sniper shots. That isn't what Insurgency iconic. Games like Red Orchestra and the original stand out because its one of those few games where you can killed from any direction with a single shot. Forcing you to be tactical and make use of gadgets and team. Otherwise, if you play like it's Call of Duty/Battlefield, You'll be killed easily. For that reason in the Original to counter Heavy Armour wearing enemies, you would equip your gun with HP or AP rounds to punch through their armour. Giving yourself a fighting chance. It also creates that feeling that knowing you can be killed with a single shot from anywhere, you had to consider your actions. And also gives certain guns like the SMG's a boost to make them more effective. and for balancing, Make them expensive.

Most Importantly..... Delay the Game (VERY IMPORTANT) ~ Despite this being a Beta and showing the game what we're going to get into in the next couple of weeks. Its seems quite inferior to the previous Insurgency. With many issues of the Beta and certain things missing, I fear that the game when released will be a disaster. New World Interactive, Please.... If the issues are still constant to the point where you'll won't reach the deadline on release. You need to be honest with us, Address the issues and delay the game. Majority of will understand and Respect that decision. We will be happy to wait for a complete product. There will be the few that will cry and get angry. But you shouldn't be concerned about that. Releasing the game as a complete product will make everyone happy, and will certainly kill the fan base of the second one if you release it with certain performance issues. Maybe even take longer delays to finally give us a campaign. Hell, that's what got me excited for Sandstorm when I heard there was going to a campaign. Only later for it to be cancelled and rumoured to be coming later time. If you did that and the campaign turned out be good, I will personally buys a box full of cookies and send them straight to your office, along with a thank you note, Fan art. and maybe some playboy magazines.

I would love to read what you guys thought of the Beta! What did you love, and What did you hate and also what would you like to suggest for the final product.

Thank you for reading!

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Great review! My main concern is about some FPS drops and game stuttering. Anyway, your review just tell much of I felt playing I:S yesterday. Thanks.

Agreed. Especially on the Usain Bolt/rubber bullets side of things. I have ~2700 hours in the old game, and one of the biggest attractions was that weapons (for the most part) were 1-2 hit kills. NWI did a great job of finding ways of making most of the weapons relevant for most players in spite of this, and I don't know why it was changed.

Perfect summary of the current state of the game! Thumbs up! Will screen cap and post this in the future

I don't agree (partially or fully) with all points from OP, but I personally think that the release should be delayed. The game does not feel like a product that should be released in about two weeks. It feels like something that needs probably 2-3 more months of work.