Future Content Ideas: Added Gear/Weapons to Roles + Others

Simple suggestions for future gear, cosmetics, etc.

INS Gunner: RPK / RPK-74: Essentially AKM/AK-74 with higher bullet velocity, penetration, and weight. Offers 45 round magazines as standard, an optional 80rnd drums.

INS Demo / Advisor: Chem gas grenades @ 4 supply points. Larger AOE and DPS than Molotovs, but can be defeated by gas masks.

INS Advisor: Replacement of AKS-74U with older PPSH or Sterling. Replacement of AK-74 with Galil or INSAS rifle. (dat galil nostalgia tho) Access to M16A2.

INS Marksman: Addition of SKS to arsenal

INS Commander: RC Controller: Allows for direct control and adjustment over drone-based fire support.

SEC Commander: Laser Designator: Allows adjustment of aerial fire support (A-10, Blackhawk, Appache)

SEC Gunner: Addition of M27 IAR: Plays like an M4 with added weight, and higher velocity and penetration. Default is 30-round STANAG, with optional 60rnd and 100rnd surefire magazines.

SEC Demo: Addition of M18 Directional Landmine (3 points). Manually detonated with C4 Clapper. longer directional range than C4 w/ damage dropoff / Doesn't slaughter all your teammates in the room. Addition of Rapid Wall Breaching Kit (RWBK). Doesn't actually blow a hole in a wall. Planted on Doors, hard, and soft walls. High explosive damage and penetration with short-ish range.

Shared Commander: Milspec Map: Maps W/ properly annotated coordinates and grid squares. Allows INS and SEC commanders to designate Artillery, Mortar, And Rocket Barrage fire support on any grid square they are occupying, or adjacent to without LOS. Does not affect Aerial or Drone support. Time to Request slightly extended as Commander calls coordinates to observer.

Shared Observer: Decrypted Comms: Observers are instantly alerted to enemy fire support, and enemy fire support type, and will call out to teammates. Observer is also notified when enemy has last man standing. Time to call fire support is slightly increased as observer has to tune back into appropriate channel.

Shared Sidearm: Return of Model 10 revolver. Used to shame opponents.

SEC Voice Packs: OG INS2 Mikee. British Advisor.

INS Voice Packs: OG INS2 Mikee with too many cigarettes

SEC Cosmetics: Top: Tucked Short-Sleeve Skivvy: Sand/Tan/OD; Eyewear: Protective Goggles: Solid Colors; Headgear: PASGT,High Cut w/ Goggles (Pushed up): Standard PASGT and HC helmet colors; Headgear: Pakol, Solid earthly colors.

INS Cosmetics: Top: Leather Bomber: Blk / Brown; Top: Military Pullover Jumper: Blk, Gray, Blue; Top: Kameez: Standard Solid Colors; Bottom: Salwar: Standard Solid Colors;

This is my own list so far for potential additions. While I have no doubt that modding will add many weapon re-skins and alternative models, I do doubt that they would be able to add game-altering abilities and equipment without the use of custom servers and conversions. Since we're only in Beta 2, and not yet at release, now is the perfect opportunity to suggest what we'd like to see in the future for updates. NWI has done major free content updates before, with night maps and weapons being introduced late during the Molotov Spring event in INS2.

Please add any additional suggestions or comments to this thread for future content.

Good work you done to this list i agree to many you have