Make Switching Firing Mode Better / Make Muting players easy

Two things I've mainly noticed right off the bat that I feel could use work.

Switching firing modes feels sluggish and unresponsive at times, It should be instant between all firing modes, not based on your ping to the server (which is what it feels like now). Maybe its a dumb suggestion but, I'd like it more if that was fixed.

Second, We should be able to clearly see whoever is talking in voice chat at all times, not just in proximity, when a guy joins a game screaming the N word, I have no way of muting him unless he's in proximity of me. As a streamer this is concerning... I should be able to clearly identify who's talking and quickly mute them.

Lastly and I'm sure the devs are well aware, just general performance needs an upgrade as well, Frame drops are pretty common and random and happen for no reason it seems.

Also, the bug where when you shoot your weapon you can't hear the sound of your own gun, only happened to me once but I also heard other players mention this bug,

Otherwise great job, I love the game and I'm looking forward to more improvements being made!

Another huge issue, I briefly went over this in the OP, I also found out shortly after that theres NO WAY TO MUTE ANY ONE AT ALL.

Imean... Really? 😞 If i don't consistently have a way to instantly mute people who blast music/scream racist profanities through the mic, there's no way I can actually ever enjoy the game, let alone play it. Something needs to be done ASAP about this.

@twitch_midmas Agreed, this is a huge issue. For now you can just turn VOIP receive volume to 0 in your audio options.

Wish there was a better way. You'll still have the pleasure of hearing the VOIP walky talky beeps when people are speaking inaudibly.

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