Why is the ACOG scope STILL on the Insurgent side!?

The ACOG belongs on the Security side! Insurgents can still have scopes, just not the ACOG!!!!!! All the changes and improvements in beta 2 are great, BUT YOU FORGOT TO SWAP OVER THE OPTICS!

+1 on this post!

ACOG needs to be reattributed to Security forces, just like the M9 and Tariq need to be swapped once and for all!

I still wish my previous moaning about a global armory rebalanced would have been heard, as it currently gives no incentive to play as Insurgents when Security get double the weapons (all the Insurgents + their own). But at this point, I guess we are too far in to see a global rethinking on who should get what...

EDIT : Just played a round of Versus and... MIRACLE!!! Security doesn't have AKs and such anymore! Finally a true distinction between the two camps 馃檪

The rest of this post remains true though... Give ACOG and M9 back to Security!

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ACOG scopes are one of the most widely used scopes in western armies. It would be really nice to have an m4/m16 with a good old reliable ACOG.

Just for the benefit of the doubt, maybe Insurgents have found or stolen an armory of Western weapons and equipment?

Many real insurgent groups had access to Western weaponry before, whether or not they've been provided by Western governments a long time ago or that they captured a Western-influenced armed force and stole everything.

But I get what you mean. I made a post for BETA1's forums that the general x4 scope for Insurgent's assault rifles should be these Russian scopes I have found on Google, specifically the MPZ scope on the bottom left corner:

1_1535704530383_Capture1.JPG 0_1535704530382_Capture.JPG

+1 on this one.
ACOG can be changed to 1P29 (1袩29 校小袩 "孝褞谢褜锌邪薪", listed above), or russian-made PSO-1 (袩小袨-1, standard issue optics, used on SVD rifles, can also fit on AKs).

Also it makes sense to include them both with their pros and cons:

+lighter weight (~0.6 kg)
+cheaper (because widely produced in USSR, also there are many in stock)
-smaller FOV (6*)

-heavier weight (~0.8 kg)
-expensive (according to my research in the web, 1P29's cost as twice more, than PSO-1's)
+bigger FOV (8*)

-Greetings from Russia

+1 same like the m9 and tariq and the m16\m4 how they got it?

Check out my post here as it addresses some of your concerns as well

I think changing the ACOG to the 1P29 would be perfect as its offset enough to still allow use of the Original Ironsights, and my goal is that can use both on switch for certain 4x Combinations.


alt text

@Neokolzia Ah I didn't see your previous post. I like the Idea of swapping to iron sights on that SU scope. It costs one point more than the previous x4 scope (C79) and all you really get is a different cross-hair. I've played Arma 3 and I like how you could swap sights but not sure about most players liking the extra input and upkeep on remembering what sight your character will look down next when you aim.

@BlueMouse Sup Blue. Even if they stole an armory of western stuff, surely they couldn't of taken ALL of the ACOGs leaving the Security with ZERO ahaha.

(TLDR at end)

I'm fine with the INS having the older western weapons like the M16A2, that's pretty cool, but maybe the INS side could use an older ACOG model. I'm still down for the ACOG to be removed for the INS side but if it was to stay, I'd suggest for it to be an older model, something like the TA01 (Or TA01NSN version w/ back up iron sights if scope iron sights became a thing). The TA01 has the older black 'cross' type of cross-hair with some illumination in the center and the scope would be all banged up.

Then they could move the current ACOG to the Security side. If scope iron sights were to be a thing, they could add a red dot RMR on top of the ACOG to further distinguish it from the previous scopes. This scope would then cost like 5-6 points.

So the SEC magnified scopes would be (if scope iron sights were a feature):
3 points - C79 (no iron sights, average scope cross-hair)
4 points - SU230 (iron sights, improved and clearer scope picture/cross-hair, small iron sight view)
5/6 points - RMR ACOG (top-mounted red dot, superior cross-hair and scope view, improved back up sight view)
You can clearly see the tiers of scopes and the upgrades as you spend more and more points down the optic line.

I'm not saying back up iron sights MUST be a thing, just further suggesting things on top of @Neokolzia 's post.

TLDR; Remove ACOG from INS side and give to SEC, OR change INS ACOG model to an older one and give SEC the one that the INS side currently has (called M150 in game).

I sometimes really miss the old TA01 reticle, it'd be fun to have it available to the insurgents.

In Beta2 now, in Coop anyway, insurgents have access to M4s, Aimpoints, and EoTechs as well, so the ACOG stands out a lot less.

Pretty sure Middle mouse click isn't used right now so that would be a easy hotkey to use for Switching Scope types, just there is alot of switching between CQB and medium/long range, so it would certainly be a useful feature so don't feel like have to hip fire in close quarters situations else have insanely high zoom scope for the situation

@neokolzia said in Why is the ACOG scope STILL on the Insurgent side!?:

Middle mouse click isn't used right now

It's the default melee key

@mcfosat said in Why is the ACOG scope STILL on the Insurgent side!?:

@neokolzia said in Why is the ACOG scope STILL on the Insurgent side!?:

Middle mouse click isn't used right now

It's the default melee key
oh well.. sure would be an easy key like B or something, since V is voice, where I usually use that for Melee and B for voice

B is already the default key for gas masks.

@grumf said in Why is the ACOG scope STILL on the Insurgent side!?:

B is already the default key for gas masks.

god damn your right whatever sure there would be a suitable key lol.. small price to pay to beable to switch CQB sights

100% agree, who the fuck decided to put the ACOG on insurgents rofl

@jarple What I meant was that maybe Insurgents have either found a cache of current Western equipment, enough to supply a large army of insurgents. There are situations where real Middle Eastern terrorist groups have conquered and captured government-owned military positions that may have an armory with Western weapons and equipment provided by NATO/Western allies. Not like they have stolen all ACOG scopes in existance; it's a fairly common/popular scope for Western armed forces, so it's constantly being produced on the Western side. Besides, the Security faction is technically a mercenary company, so they have their own deals with military suppliers.


This was actually a recent update, and was a feature in INS2 in regards to insurgents having western weapons in coop.

Some of the armories are shared a bit in cooperative to make playing one side or the other more preferable, as you really don't get to control which team you're on.

In PVP that equipment difference makes a bigger impact, and if you don't like the team you're on, you can swap.

These are insurgents.. not Russians. They base it on what is commonly found among insurgents in the middle-east and eastern europe. So it's not unlikely to find insurgents with 1987-model ACOG's

If people put in the realism argument than they are incorrect of insurgents not having ACOGS. If you check what happened in the real world, a lot of western/us gear came into the hands of insurgents in one way or another.

Not a friend of this suggestion. The lines are blured today . Many Insurgent groups use western equipment.
Hell, my country's G36 gets distributed a lot. And it's the same with a lot of other western equipment. Save for very specialized euipment anything can happen today.

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