"Kicked from server: EAC kicked: Authentication Timed Out (1/2)"

I cant play a match without being kicked within 20 seconds. The error title that shows up states 'Kicked from server: EAC kicked: Authentication Timed Out (1/2)"

exactly my problem. So im not the only one. Is there a way to fix this problem

Make sure your anti-virus / firewall is disabled and that the game is in the exceptions list.

I'm having the same problem, not running AV except for Windows Defender.

It seems to always happen to me when I select a flashhider on my rifle, not sure if that's related or just a coincidence of time.

OK, yah, definitely a coincidence of timing on the equipment screen.

Sandstorm did create a second entry in Windows Firewall with separate settings, but changing that didn't help. The game was running fine for me for several hours until I started having this problem.

Third update: relaunching the game fixed it for me.

I am still getting this message about 90% of the time I find a match.

I fixed it, its to do with the Ethernet.

its HOW dependant on my freaking stable 17ms 0packetloss 56mbits ethernet?
please explain this further, and maybe share how you "fixed" it????