Devs, quit stringing us along

I'm tired of the devs' response whenever microtransactions brought up being, "We're thinking about it."

Just tell us upfront whether you're planning to charge money for cosmetics. I'm going to be extremely pissed off if several months down the line, microtransactions suddenly get dropped on us out of nowhere. And of course by then, nobody will be able to refund and the devs won't feel any consequences for f*cking over their fans. I already had that happen to me in Killing Floor 2.

I'm completely, 100%, vehemently against the idea of microtransactions in a buy2play game. It's disgusting and wrong that this ever became common practice, let alone accepted. I put money down on Sandstorm for the promise that I wouldn't have pieces of the game parceled out as in-game purchases. Your players have already told you in both the closed alpha and first beta that cosmetics were too grindy to unlock. Yet your response is to increase that grind...

It smells very fishy.

I totally respect where you're coming from but I think the cost-benefit tradeoff for ordinary players is worth it. Whalebaiting is a hugely effective way to sustain development so long as it's done responsibly and I think NWI are up to the task.

That said I don't think it's entirely up to them now that they operate under a publisher.

I was very disappointed when I saw that it was still 100 credits per level. At higher levels it would take months to get things like camo and headwear.

It's all still very early stages but from what I understood in the stream, the in-game currency isn't going to give advantages over others. It's all just looks and cosmetics. You can also earn those cosmetics by playing really hard or if you don't have the time for that, you can pay to have those items.

@captain-price It's all cosmetics is not a good argument when the game is already charging players money.

I remember Alex said in a stream a month ago that they were focusing on a legacy model for this release. Meaning that you pay for the game, and that is it. After that there will be no micro-transactions and all content will be free unless there is a major update.

I mean, just don't buy it is an option... I am unsure why people buy stuff for how their in-game character looks anyway. A surprising market indeed.

@smughyun CS:GO does it. I see no problem in that if it not affect the gameplay. It also give an increase in the game lifetime, I believe.

The game's updates will remain free for quite some last I heard. Unless there is a big major content update, but NWI is still planning such things out.