Spectator Coop Glitch

In this beta, occasionally I end up as a spectator in coop mode. I can't even choose the player faction so my only option is just quit the session. This is quite frustrating to experience this after the game loads for 3 minutes and leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

same here sometimes i join as an expectator and the only thing i can do is leaving the server.

It's not just Coop, I glitch like this in Versus, it started with every Firefight match I was placed in and now it's started doing it in Push as well. Very frustrating, been trying to play for 45 minutes and have gotten about 25 minutes of actual gameplay.

I've tried to join 4 or 5 matches today with a 2-person team and I haven't been able to choose a class or deploy even once. I always get booted to spectator and have to quit. I'm very frustrated