After the game loads it crashes to windows.

I load the game online or coop, then when im in i choose loadout (but sometimes i dont even reach to) and the game crashes to windows with the window of reporting a bug. sometimes i get into the game and i can see 10-15 seconds of gameplay and then i get the same crash. I validated the game files and all in steam. Tried everything i could think of.

My system is running win10 april update, 6700k overclocked to 4.5gh, 1080ti ftw3 and 16gb 3000mhz bios Intel Virt is off, hyper threading is on.

If you crash with UE4 crash reporter please describe what you did before the crash, paste there your SteamID64 and send it.

If you see Windows Error Reporting window, please post its content here along with the dump created (path to it should be in the same message).