Problems with the game at hand

Hey guys devs, or w/e

Love the game and series, however I'm kinda not happy with the BETA...

I bought some cool clothes for my player, and i log in after downloading to see that my player looks like rayman (i.e. torso and legs invisible) look on the customize screen and find that you removed the items i bought for thoese parts (black cargos and rolled button shirt in black) thought it was best to use random becoz ppl would ree at me playing and I dont want that!

Come to the customize screen again, try to buy some clothes and it says i have insuffient funds even tho Its low cost and i have showing 900C on my account!

Why did you do this? why cant i have black clothing? why cant i customize?

Also I know its a beta and will be fixed accordingly... the optimization is a lil off, and Its a bit laggy

The Rayman bug doesn't seem to carry over into a match. I have no legs on the main menu but no one has commented nor have I seen anyone with the bug in-game.