Insurgency: Sandstorm Community Update - A Shift in Direction

As an insurgency server host I'm really looking forward to hosting sandstorm, even at 4 years old insurgency servers are still jam packed with action every night. Good to see your sticking to the roots ,PvP is really this games strong suit and I really forward to yelling Yolo as I charge to my death 😀

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Is CA registration closed already? I used the link in the post but it says "Wrong way! This is a 404 error."

Getting a 404 error when trying to register for the alpha.

Closed Alpha registrations have been closed two weeks ago. We'll organize more testing sessions in the future though, stay tuned to social networks not to miss them 🙂

How cool would it be if Insurgency: Sandstorm had a battle royale mode? It just has that perfect setting for a battle royale mode.