Running with a
GPU: GTX 1050 2gb OC
CPU: i5-2400
RAM: 10 GB

During the 1st Beta i would get over 30 FPS (especially when we got that performance udpate)
But during this beta...i cant even get over 30 FPS or even get into a gunfight without the game dropping to 10 FPS.

Makes the game very unenjoyable 😞

sorry to say but thats just a really poor setup

Noticed much more stuttering with a 2x sight or higher over a 1x sight, still stutter when moving mouse fast but i have to say feels better for me now than beta 1 100%. Please focus on those stuttering issues before the 18th. Overhaul thanks a lot for the improvement very appreciated.

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Since the first beta, I've noticed that the input lag is now gone! I can actually aim my weapon at enemies now. I think my fps is better, but I'm not sure, I still get hiccups but they're not at bad as they once were.

i5 4670k (not overclocked)
GTX 950 4gb
8 GB ram
Game installed on an SSD

Playing on a ROG Laptop with i7-4710HQ, GTX 980m, 16 GB RAM and installed on HDD.
With all settings in very high at 1920x1080, I feel that the game is running smoother than previous build, aside from the occasional scope lags that have been mentioned before and that are not even so bad on my end.

It is still definitely not as swift as Insurgency2 was, but the engine is also more demanding. I can't pinpoint where random lags are coming from (particle-intense scenes like firefights?), but to me the key issue would be unstable ms (shoots anywhere between 65 to 200). I can't wait to be able to choose my server to get steadier latency, which I think should help quite a bit in attaining a smoother experience overall!

@ninellie It is but it worked on Beta 1 😕
IDK why it so bad now on Beta 2

I'm playing on a ROG Laptop too.
I7-6700HQ - 3,2 GHz
GTX 1070

I play Insurgency Sandstorm since the 1rst alpha (release on june).
From the 1rst BETA (august) i've got only 0,5 go to 1 go RAM available when the game running (low settings)
Today on BETA 2, i've got 3,0 to 3,5 go RAM available when i play. (high settings).
I think the game will support midrange configurations to the final version.
Be patient and hold on 😃