What do you feel when you shoot insurgents in the game?

It's not recoil though.

The recoil of the weapons are in this second beta round is reduced even more. Almost non-existant now.
This is promoting spray-and-pray behavior among players since you are not punished for spraying. Even less so now than before.

This is in my opinion not a typical spray-and-pray game. This is a tactical, supposed to be a bit more realistic than the other modern military shooters out there. Where you flank, take cover, strike when the time is right and AIM CAREFULLY.

Less recoil is promoting full auto shooting. Simple as that. And it's not what this game is supposed to be all about.

Here, watch this and you will get what I mean.

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Not really.
Well, to clarify:
I have to test the same weapon as you showed in the video. Do you have a foregrip attached?

In my personal experience in the last 4-5 hours I would say I have struggled with the recoil. Maybe not at a short distance like showed in the video but when the enemy is 100m away from you, I can aim at him, pull the trigger and can't really control the recoil - I mostly have to change to burst fire to control it.

Spray-and-pray IMHO is okay for example when you're indoors and come around a corner and immediately have someone standing in front of you. ADS won't help you, because it's too slow, so you just spray-and-pray. If you're lucky you can kill him.

Just in my last match I had an enemy, indoors, in front of me like 1,5m in distance with a PKM and he sprayed and he didn't hit me once, while I still was reloading and managed to kill him. He just shot a circle around me - but to be fair it was a PKM and not an AKM or AK-74.

But still, I don't have the feeling the recoil is too less. It's okay if not perfect atm. Even with foregrips attached I sometimes can't really control the recoil and have to rely on my mouse skills to control it.

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I think it is partially to do with character movement and size. People move too fast and are too skinny to reliably plink at them in a lot of situations. You just have to go full auto and cut a line into them or else you'll lose your target.

I agree 100%. I legit had trouble during the first round of the beta.. While I'm not MLG level gamer, I'm definitely not a scrub either. This round of the beta almost encourages spraying.. even at a distance.

However, I do think it needed to be toned down a little from the first weekend but not the the level it is now. Or rather, maybe tone down the jerky-ness of the spray recoil from the 1st beta. It almost felt like my recoil control and aim sensitivity weren't matching up.. I think that's the best way I can explain it. IIRC, there isn't a setting for this. IDK.. maybe its because i was getting owned the first weekend. lol

For the lag/bad frame rate/ttk you need to be able to spray at your targets or you simply won't get the kill. The game should not limit you on how you want to play. If a dude wants to be MLG and run around and get 20+ kills, good on him for being a good player, but bad on the other team for not countering. Git gud

When you are on the ground with bipod, there is no recoil. But this is ok. When I run in the map and try to shot someony while running i think it is very hard to hit. For me the recoil setting is okay. More recoil would be not cool!