4 FPS every 2 sec, maybe tessellation related.


I was playing the Beta 1, and had around 40-50 fps with stuttering. Sure my PC is trash ( i5-3330 3GHz, AMD HD 7790 2GB, 8GB RAM ) and they said they improved with Beta 2. When I get into a game, and do anything, like moving, looking around or something happens near me, my fps drops to 2-4. I just applied the newest Optional update for the AMD driver: 18.8.2 but nothing is wrong with other games I play. Someone suggested me that this is happening bc of the tessellation and my old GPU can't handle it. My game is on All Low, only the resolution is at 1920x1080 and Fullscreen. I don't know if this is happening to anybody with low end PCs but I'll have to refund if this keeps up. I'll have a new PC sure, when I'll get money, but until then 23€ is 23€ wasted that I cannot use.

I made a video. Sound is bad cus I dunno, but everything I experienced is in the video. The stuttering, the freezing, the 4 fps.

Tried running with v-sync on? my game runs a lot better with it on.

@Hoogin I will try it just after reinstalling. It always fucked my games up tho 😃

Something is up with my PC, I'm sure of it. I just don't know what.
This is a video of me playing the game on the lowest settings available, still getting the same stuttering: https://streamable.com/oxlua
I have the AMD driver version 18.8.2
I had AVG anti-virus, but now deleted it and trying out the game (it had update issues, not just for me)
I have a newest Win10 update, nothing Beta tho.

This is a video from another guy, it seems he has the same problem as I do, but mine is worse, cus my GPU and CPU is worse: https://youtu.be/1LQPveG_wCU
It seems the game is using a lot more CPU than GPU. Worse than Beta 1...

Hello! You can refund it anytime you like, but on September the 18th when the game goes live, you can play up to an hour before you can. So until then, while it's still in beta and your hours played don't count, I would recommend you give the game more chances while the devs fix it up in case it improves for your system performance and to see if you want to refund it or not! ^^

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@goongalajones I'll surely wait. I'm just sad that I can't play in Beta 2.

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@Stormy Being left out does sting, but patience is a virtue, nonetheless.

Stuttering in this beta is terrible, it's a lot worse than in beta 1. I mean, fps now are quite better, but stuttering and fps freeze are giving me headaches, and it's a really fun game, I like it a lot. But I can't play one hour without turning crazy bc of the ugly stuttering

@stormy I bet it's your 8GB Ram. The game eats a lot of ram during match - 6GB+.

for me, everything on lowest, gtx 1050 Ti, it uses 4gigs of VRAM all the time, playing at 1080p, attempting (and failing) to reach 60fps

I have Ryzen 5 1600, GTX 970 and 16GB RAM, running the game from SSD and I also have these FPS drops from 120 to 4. I do not think it's related to hardware, but to engine.

Same here, good fps overall, but those damn stutters fuck almost every encounter i have.