spintires mudrunner runtime error

Recently i hav started to play modded maps and sometimes after about 15-60 min i got runtime error and the game crash and i have to restart my computer and the savegame files ara unable to load again. This happens in multiplayer bouth when i host the server or a friend host server.

When i google the problem some people said it was a problem that had appierd after the last uppdate. They belivd the problem was that Mudruner isent aloved ro use more then 2 gigabyte of ram memmory.

Any one els who had this type of problem and maybe a solution to ??? If so pleacy reply.

Hi there,

Do you receive these errors when not playing with modded maps? As we don't currently officially support modded maps, issues like this can occur.

I playd iland in multiplayer it took about 25 min and the game worked fine.

Something i forgot to mesin before was that at sometimes some truck textures get white. thiis has happened without mod maps installed. the first time i saw this was in the middle of december. I dont know if this problems have something to do with each
each other or not

@iyagovos I got this runtime error while playing on default maps, also I used mods. And I have the same problem with textures being white.

When you were playing on the default maps, did you have the map mods installed?

I have played default maps with and without modmaps installed and texures has ben white somethimes

I have had the same issues without mod maps. I've only used the default maps and the tires turn white, when picking modded trucks the colors on the screen go crazy, and the game is constant crashing

@rubicon79 Interesting, thanks for letting us know.

I've passed this on to the team now to take a look at, thank you.

Any idea of a fix for this problem? This issue is happening more now than ever.