Screen zoomed in

I have the same problem since CTA to beta 1 and now in Beta 2.
My native screen resolution 1920x1080
I set in game settings 4 k resolution full screen mode. Whenever i re-launch the game my screen iz zoomed in to the top left corner due the diffrence between the resolutions and the game dosen’t auto-rescale properelly. Only happens on full screen mode while in windowed borderless it’s staying centered.
I can’t change the settings because the “apply changes” button is outside of the display mode on the screen.

I don’t want to leave the game at borderless mode because it has worst visual quality compared to full screen mode.

any ideas would be very much appreciated. .

Finally fixed with Pre-Order Beta 2 - Hotfix August 31st

  • Fixed an issue where the game was not launching in Fullscreen, even if the Fullscreen option was selected in the Settings menu. This would result in players unknowingly playing in borderless windowed mode, which limits FPS to the monitor’s refresh rate.

OMFG finally Thank you!!! i've been waiting for this fix since CTA ❤

it is problem across all resolutions ... when I set resolution to 1600x900 from 1920x1080 as you said insurgency got centered to top left corner. Also agree with that borderless/fullscreen issue