Before I give any feedback I just wanted to say, thank you! For the game, you guys have been working so hard on.
I imagine it must be a lot of work producing and creating a game and for that, I think we should all show some appreciation to you guys.

I'm not gonna lie, I've played the game for about 1hour into the Beta 2, I've enjoyed it a lot, and I really enjoyed the first Insurgency that came out in 2014. What I have to reproach about this second beta are the following, The biggest problem so far is the optimization, I'm not playing on a high-end pc and that might be part of the problem. I'm aware you guys are working on it and really hope that gets fixed. The customize tab is also a great addition but I think it's poorly executed so are the character models. (I'm aware the customize tab isn't fully implemented yet) I've seen also some lightning bugs and weapon inaccuracy, where I would shoot someone but the bullet wouldn't actually hit them. or also the other way around where I would miss and the bullet would land on someone.
A lot of the animation seems a bit clunky similar to what was reported in the first beta.

The final launch is so close, but the game is not ready yet. The game is not polished, it needs some tweaks,
In my humble opinion, the launch of the game should be delayed. and the problems should be fixed otherwise the game might lose the community that is building up now.
People want a polish end game where they come everyday play casually or competitively without the frustration of a poor optimized game and clunkiness.
Once again I appreciate the game you guys are working on, and that's why I wanna see it at the top of the list.

Thank you for reading the feedback. c: