21: 9 Character first person

In this first capture with resolution 1920x1080 the hands with the weapon are appreciated correctly.


In this second capture with resolution 2560x1080 the hands with the weapon are incorrectly. Part of the hands and the weapon are lost.


Please correct this

This is likely due to FoV settings as changing to Ultrawide shares the same FoV currently, unsure the limit set on FoV but under ultrawide you'll have a zoomed effect at lower FoV's such as 90

I hope you do not forget to solve this

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Yeah beginning to get very worried that this close to release there's still no word of true 21:9 support, or fov beyond the very limited 100. At this point, panini projection or a Horizontal/Vertical fov scaling menu drop-down is looking like a complete pipedream, but basic FOV options were present in Ins2 - why is there still only silence on this for Sandstorm?

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The game has just been updated with a 3.5Gb patch and this problem has not yet been fixed. Attached other captures with the knife.

16:9 (1920x1080)

21:9 (2560x1080)

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Still? No even...dev response on this or the issues of the viewmodel fov, ironsight / optic fov slider, and the limited general fov slider?

NWI.....you're making me really worried...

Scope overlays get pretty much un-usable too with ultra-wide resolutions.


Yeah a very worrying silence from the devs

I've waited far too long for this game & am having far too much fun so far to even consider, considering a refund

But not getting proper 21:9 support would be very disappointing

Hopefully with the new date of departure of the game is taken into account the resolution of correct form of relay 21: 9

@rafael Agreed. My main concerns are the 21:9 support, general lack of FOV options compared to Ins2 and issues with hit detection, particularly on co-op servers. Hopefully the extra months are used to address all of these, I'm glad they've at least given themselves a little more breathing room.

Any word on how it's looking these days? I haven't played in a bit.

Still does not support the 21: 9 ratio

16:9 (1980x1080)

21:9 (2560x1080)

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Now that they have correctly supported the 21: 9 relationship. Thank you 😉