Steam Workshop

Will there be Steam Workshop for this game ?

If so, when ?

I am looking forward to a map editor mode which is similar to the Zeus mode from Arma 3.

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Yeah there will be, Right now its "sometime post-release"

And also I'm not sure if the editor is gonna be that Zeus-like, its made in the unreal engine, so if you're familiar with that, you should be okay.

Yes, Steam Workshop is in the plans. However, there's no hard solid date set just yet. If I recall correctly, before the year is over.

@captain-price "Before the Year is over" Oh no... Please don't release it December 31 at 11:59 pm lol. I think we'd all love to see the workshop open as soon as humanly and technologically possible. I want muh mods

I hear you. I'm not sure if it'd be sooner or later - I really don't. NWI isn't 100% certain on when they plan to release it. However, more information will probably come once the game releases as it's a major interest of the community to know.