Ins Sandstorm Recommended System Requirements ?

Hi Guyz !
Does anyone know the recommended system requirements for Sandstorm ?
I got i7 6700 + 1070 + 32 GB Ram, however, at very high setting with res FHD 1920x1080, just got average 50-60 fps (no Vsync) and sometimes drop to 40 fps and a bit lagging.
I believe there is no issue with my drivers cause I am able to play PUBG, KF2, Witcher3 and so on, at very high setting.
Will game be optimized/improved better in final ?

No specs have been published yet. I suspect they'll publish the minimum / recommended as the beta gets closer to an end. NWI made some improvements for performance but they still plan on doing more optimization. This isn't their complete staged optimization just yet.

Keep an eye on the Steam Store page, once the specs are published...that'll be one of the first places that'll have them listed.

You should remember, that this is a BETA! I got an older CPU (4790K) and less RAM (16 GB DDR3), but it is still working on 80 FPS on HIGHEST SETTINGS (with framedrops). I also use an GTX 1070.

Compared to the last closed beta test, they already improved very well! You should run this game easily on highest, when its optimised.

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