Poor performance and poor anti-aliasing

Jaggies everywhere. is it Anti-aliasing or something else like SH diffuse? The graphics are not that great overall, yet the game still does not run well.

I have been trying all sorts of settings to make sure I do not drop below 72fps, yet the issues are all still there. It is kind of a mess.
I still really enjoy the game though.


Monitor: 2560x1440p, 144hz, Freesync
MOBO: ASUS x370 Pro
CPU: Ryzen 1700x @4.0 GHz
GPU: Vega 64 LC @1702 MHz
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16GB (2x8) @3000Mhz
Game Location: 250GB Samsung 960 Evo NVMe m.2
Pagefile Location: 256GB Samsung 840 Pro SATA SSD

I posted a topic about this and hasn't gone up, yet issue is shared the Anti-aliasing is very poor and extremely distracting as the strobing effects of all the geometry flicker at you, making it extremely difficult to discern when its a soldier stepping into a window or doorway at a distance or just windows flashing.

Either a custom AA solution needs to be looked into, or Enabling Super-sampling (which would be good option to have as well!) but would crush most peoples computers when pushing resolution needed to clear up aliasing issues.

alt text

run better than beta 1 but still can be improve alot more

I'm having the same issues as well.

i5-8400 16GB RAM GTX 1060 6GB

AA was working fine in beta 1.
Now its not at all.

Low setting is simular to what medium was before (blurred and smudgey)

And medium, high and very high are like was low was before (basically off).

So AA is broken.

Cant even counter Aliasing by turning resolution scale over 100% which you can do in other UE4 games like pubg.
Which id do of we could as right now the GPU utilisation is crap (only using 60% or less of my gtx 1080 even with all settings maxed on 1440p monitor)

Gpu usage issue has plagued pretty much all Unreal Engine 4 indy titles so far. 😞