Co-op match gives negative experiences.

This is the first match of me playing pre-order beta 2. After the match I received negative experiences (-46330). Also, my level dropped from 10 to 1. I'm not sure if it is a bug or the profile data on the server has reset and conflicted with the local save. But anyway here is the screenshot.

Did you play alpha or beta1 before? And if so, did you delete your profile.sav?

Yes, I've played beta1 before. After the beta1 the game automatically uninstalled itself, but I didn't deleted anything of this game manually.

The link to screenshot disappeared... I'll try upload it again.

Yes, I just tried that, but I'm still in level 1. Also I have found that my currency is also reduced from 1400 to 100. I haven't tested co-op match experience yet. I'll provide further feedback after I finish a match.

Co-op match experience is back to normal. Though I'm still leveling up from level 1.

@orlean-knights Everyone is back to square one, so I'm assuming that the developers forced everyone's experience to go back to zero on purpose.

The first match you play will remove the experience/credits which you had from previous Beta, any subsequent matches should show you expected values.

@arc Got it. 👌 The game itself is really fantastic anyway. 😃