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I wasn't able to play the other beta because of this issue as well. Finally, decided to go to the forums to ask for help. For some reason my menu screen is zoomed in and I can't go down to the bottom to enable a different resolution (or any change for that matter) because it's cut off. When I load up up the game, it's like it starts at a lower resolution but then throws my 1440p resolution in to fit into the smaller resolution. Which may be why only part of the screen is being shown. Does anyone know how to fix this? I really like this game and it's a shame I can't play it.

Thank you

0_1535642954230_Desktop Screenshot 2018.08.30 -

0_1535643437769_Desktop Screenshot 2018.08.30 -


try this:

Display Mode: Windowed


double-click on the Tab "Audio" - it will now accept it and change to windowed.

Or directly try setting the right resolution and then double-click the audio tab.

I tested it myself, I can apply settings without clicking at the bottom when I double click on the Audio Tab

Update: User meretch just confirmed that this workaround worked for him - so if you still have this problem, give it a try!

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That did seem to do the trick. Thank you!