Please fix the transmission already!

@unster yea true.. my bad. I kinda just flew thrue the posts. I should have payed more attention. Anyway, I hope you have a good time with you shifter.

I do. Tomorrow I should also get my new pedal set with the clutch. The shifter & finding good mods (both vehicles & maps) has greatly increased & extended my enjoyment of this game.

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i think i have use the auto transmission about 4 times since the game came out, i mainly use low 3 and +1 to get around the map, cant stand auto transmissions in any game really, or in IRL

I'm fine with automatics if they're done properly.

I got my pedal set and now I'm complete. 🙂 The clutch certainly adds another level of realism. One unexpected change I saw is that with the new pedals some trucks got more responsive and stronger. It's as if my old gas pedal wasn't going all the way down. It could be that these new pedals are more accurate and self-calibrating.