Please fix the transmission already!

Kick down should drop a gear to increase engine rpm. Unless you have a ford escape with a six speed auto... that thing shifts up and down a couple gears at a time for some crazy reason... but tbh does what it needs to do.

I loaded an orange semi with long logs and drove it up and down the ridge a few times on the road. The transmission does drop down to 1st a lot when it could have just shifted earlier to a lower gear. Once i noticed it dropped into 1st and immediately shifted up through 2nd to third...

I get that it bothers you though. Maybe mudrunner 2045 will have some kind of infinitely variable laserdrive.

No, don't need a "laserdrive" or a CVT on old Russian trucks. Just a somewhat reasonably behaving transmission, that's all. I've played this game for months now the way it is, and I'm not saying it's unplayable. Just getting a little fed up with the way the transmission behaves. Well I caved in and bought the 7 speed Thrustmaster shifter (supposed to get it tomorrow). I'm sure that will make the game more enjoyable, even though I won't be able to shift into the highest gears on a couple of the trucks. It'll be nice for the other driving sim that I play too, BeamNG.

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I just use the ps4 controller.

Am i correct in thinking that the product you are buying will give the game a manual transmission?

That's correct. The only thing that will still be automated is the clutch (I don't have one) but the game still requires you to lift the throttle pedal while shifting. That's good enough for me. I tested the manual mode in MR yesterday using my joystick buttons. I think it'll be fun with the proper equipment. No more stupid downshifting.

The problem with buttons to increase/decrease gear is that bypasses the mechanic of moving the stick. Id still add it tho.

@Unster great news, i'll look into this. Maybe there's a wheel available for ps4 that does the same.

I agree with you on that Unster, i hate having to have all that momentum and then either shifting into high gear and still losing a lot of momentum or keeping it in 5 or what ever gear is the highest and the second i get in the mud im down to first gear.

Yup, and notice the lack of any response from the publisher or devs. And I reported this bug or "feature" right after the Ridge DLC came out months ago and still nothing. So they can't blame us if we're not too excited about Mud Runner 2 or American Wilds. They should be more supportive of their own products and fix the major bugs or nuisances. Then we'd all be more excited.

Having said that, I still love this game and that's what makes these issues more aggravating. If I didn't, I wouldn't care. I can't wait to get my shifter, hopefully later today. My existing wheel does have buttons for sequential shifting that work for other games, but not for this one since the developers don't let us assign buttons for shift up & down. But a real shifter like the one I'm getting that even allows you to skip gears will be nicer. The devs should add more button bindings for the higher manual gears, especially 7th since my shifter will have 7th gear but the game doesn't have a button mapping for that (only up to 6th).

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I dont mean to start an argument but we have to give them time to make the American wilds DLC and yes it is confirmed that it is a DLC that i know of so far from watching videos on the american wilds DLC. But have to give them time to finish the DLC,like Tomcat said if you dont watch his videos he said to give them time so we dont get a bad DLC and be like what the heck is this. If we give them time to make the DLC the we will get a great DLC. Yes i would love to play the game now and I want it to be relesed as soon as possible but i want a great game with little to less bugs and glitches.

I agree and I wasn't even talking about the DLC. Of course it takes time. I'm a software engineer myself, so I know. But they certainly could be more active in the bug-fixing department. They could release a hot fix while they work on bigger project. Other companies do that. Hopefully this upcoming DLC will be released with some bug fixes in the base game too.

I'm happy to report that I received my shifter and have spent about an hour with it playing Mud Runner and it is awesome! You guys who are serious about this game and playing with a keyboard or controller don't know what you're missing. It's a whole new experience.

A couple of issues, both non-issues for me, I noticed when using the manual mode:

  • The clutch button mapping doesn't work. That's OK, since I don't have a clutch pedal anyway. But I assigned a button to it and it does nothing.
  • You no longer get any warning or get punished for using locked diff on dry roads at higher speeds. That's OK with me too, since this was highly unrealistic IMO. You still get a tighter turning radius and more wheel slip without it, as you'd expect.

So as for me, I don't care about the automatic mode anymore. But it would still be nice if they added buttons for sequential shifting, so I can get to the highest gears on those few 9-speed trucks. Not a big deal though.

yeah i guess so but i would rather have them get this American Wilds DLC put out cause so far we have lived with the bugs yeah they might be annoying sometimes but if they just all focus to get that DLC out. If you know what i mean yeah they get annoying but hey lets get that big DLC out first.


Can only say the same about steering wheel, pedals and an H Shifter.... its a new level on Experience with mudrunner... have the clutch and gas pedals... the Shifter... ffb... u have everything under control and feels really good...

Your clutch actually works? I wonder if it works only with an actual pedal, as opposed to just a button. But I don't mind having the game auto-clutch for me. I agree about having all that control. It's great.

FFB can be an issue with this game. With my T150 wheel I always have to start MR first, then turn on the wheel in the controls menu, otherwise the FFB is dead. That's another one of those bugs they should fix. It's an issue only with MR.

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yeah I know that ffb trick... glad it works...

My clutch working perfect...

Hmm, now you got me thinking of upgrading my plastic 2-pedal set to a metal 3-pedal set. But first I gotta make sure the clutch actually works in MR. I'll try using my brake pedal as the clutch when I get home.

Yup it works. 3-pedal set ordered. 🙂 This one will also be heavier and more stable.

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great... its the best u could do... ins very nice to drive with clutch and 3 pedals....

@unster get a shifter man . It will make the game much better. No more BS with Automatic (eew). On top of having full control over your gearbox, you will also be able to have differential lock always on, even on Hardcore without it causing damage.
A decent shifter doesn't have to cost that much now a day's.

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I'm guessing you didn't read through this thread. Already done.

i recommend to everyone to try a wheel... pedals and h shifter... its really a whole new level of feel the truck nad drive the truck... its really not to compare to joystick or keyboard....

the Logitech ones are really great... so is useful too in other sim or racing game