Performance got worse

Title. Not only has the FPS not improved, but also massive (and I mean MASSIVE) FPS drops and microfreezes have appeared, at least for me. That said, most people in the matches I've played have confirmed this on their side too. I'm getting worried about the time of the release. I'd rather play the full version later but with 60 FPS.

i5 4590 - 12GB RAM - Gygabyte GTX970 G1

I am actually getting better frames than last beta in fact. The TTK is the real problem.

I can't say anything about performance as I can't even start the game it chews up all available GPU memory(4gb) and crashes.

yep performance is terrible! even when I am getting over 60fps I have randome stutters and freezes for no apparent reason 😞

some games are just unplayable as it seems to be running at 10fps lol but says more? I have a gtx 970 as well, I can play squad MAXED OUT and get a MUCH better/smoother gaming experience and that game uses the same engine so its not that, im playing this on medium and it sucks

i have an i5 7400
gtx 1050 ti
8g ram

and its unplayable for me even at lower settings … there is no option for a 144 Hz screen
so i am stuck at a poorly 50 fps and stutters evrytime i see an enemy .. cant schoot because im already dead whenz i wanne start schooting 😕

wait this game freezes all the time while im playing. cant even move or else it would freeze and i have a decent build enough to run pubg on high settings at 60 fps too... yikes...even scum the new game is running better than this. i love insurgency tho... hope it gets better

I was really hesitant to give this game another go. Due to the bad FPS and awful net coding. I'll give it a pass and wait until the dev improve the optimization of the game game and the server. Oh well, it time for me to go back to playing something else.

My spec in case anyone wondering:

i7 3770K

GTX 1060 (6GB)


The problem with this beta is, that compared to the first beta, the framerate improved quite a bit. At the same time, the frame pacing got worse, the stuttering increased in frequency and severity, while the mouse movement got even worse that beta 1.