Insurgency: Sandstorm - Known Issues

Hello, and welcome to the Insurgency: Sandstorm Pre-Order Beta 2.
We're really happy that you're joining us here, and would like to let you know of some issues that we're currently aware of, in this build of the game.

Known Issues


  • Tutorial level (Combat Training) has been disabled for now
  • Often when the drive or passengers are killed in a vehicle they are not ejected when another player enters the seat.
  • When a character is killed in a vehicle there death animation is not currently present
  • Character Customization: For any players that were present in any Alpha or previous Beta please delete your profile.sav in the below location: C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Insurgency\Saved\SaveGames\Profile
  • Otherwise you may experience character body parts disappearing or showing two cosmetic options at once.
  • Having Foliage setting set to Low may cause some graphical issues
  • Bipod animations can cause players to slide under certain conditions
  • If you are unable to select a class, click on and off the class tab to fix this issue
  • Interface: Profile system is not fully in and therefore might show incorrect stats.
  • Interface: Steam party system is Work In Progress.
  • Interface: Recap system is Work In Progress.
  • More lessons to come and the current Lessons are work in progress
  • HLOD distance is now affected by the users “Effects Quality” setting in the video menu. Lower settings should provide increased performance at the cost of some minor visual fidelity.
  • Performance: Magnified scopes will lower framerate when the player looks through them. Please set your scope to Low in the settings menu if you have a lower spec machine
  • Anticheat: Your anti-virus may sometimes cause our anti-cheat software to crash, which will make the game unable to launch. You can refer to the dedicated support page:
  • Fire Support: Occasionally when encountering buildings or the environment, IED Drones will get stuck.
  • Sound: Gun fire sound may cut out in specific conditions.
  • Sound: Guns mounted on vehicles gunshot sound effects may remain in the vehicle's spawn area.
  • Visual: Particle effects will go through buildings.
  • Visual: Going through a Smoke Grenade will cause the screen to flicker.
  • Visual: Car engine smoke/fire may not appear in online play on occasion.
  • VOIP: Local VOIP cannot be heard by nearby clients.
  • VOIP: Team Radio VOIP is likely to cut-off mid-sentence.
  • VOIP : Clients won’t see who is speaking in VoIP on the UI

Other issues

  • Interface: When loading into a coop match, players may see a versus loading screen.
  • Interface: First person view camera may not properly initialize if a player respawns while in the loadout selection room. If this happens, press escape to re-center the camera.
  • Some doors do not get destroyed correctly when kicked (visually only)
  • Animation: Some interactions may have missing or incomplete animations.
  • Attachment: Currently equipped Grenade Launchers will be displayed and usable when picking another weapon.
  • Fire Support: The UI will prompt players to pick up grenades dropped by Bomber Drones, though this is not possible.
  • Gameplay: On thin surfaces / walls, character models can poke through and get shot.
  • Gameplay : Opening up the communications menu while firing may have the weapon keep automatically firing
  • Interaction: Doors may be invulnerable against rockets under certain conditions.
  • Interaction: Can't throw grenades after opening a door.
  • VOIP: Default volume is very low compared to other audio sources.
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I have run into a recurring issue while using the "Gunner" class. If I select the M249 with or without attachments, I get no sound while firing. I've switched to all other classes and the sound works fine. The PKM works fine with and without attachments as well. Not sure if anyone else has this issue.

Hey guys,

First off amazing job, loving the game.

Since the start of Alpha and Beta 1 and still a present issue in Beta 2, no one has been able to hear me speak in game and there are no options about voip in-game except to change the keybind.

My microphone is from my hyperX cloud 2 headset and it is listed as my default mic in windows and in steam settings and works in literally every other game I have, so I don't know what the issue is.

If you could help or look in to this, that'd be great


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Hey all!

Absolutely addicted to your new game here. Been with ya since the Alpha. One thing i'm noticing is that an Alpha bug is back. While in game, if an explosion goes off near me, it will "pixelate"/digitize the sound for the rest of the game. My Headset is a Panasonic RIG 800LX with Dolby Atmos spatial sound. Now, if i go to my sound settings in windows, and turn off spatial sound, it fixes the sound in game. When the next explosion goes off, and it gets digitized again, i can alt-tab out, and turn spatial sound on again, and it'll fix the issue, but only until the next explosion that goes off near me. Background explosions don't seem to trigger this bug.

Keep up the great work! I've noticed this game getting smoother every single update, and it runs like butter on my rig even as of current.


Insurgent Marksman Class:

When equipping SVD w/ Bipod, model left arm (holding foregrip) is bent straight behind character in loadout customization.

Issue not replicated with Mosin Bipod, or Security Grip-pods

@leoc I am getting Kicked from Server: EAC Kicked: Authentication Timed out (1/2) how do I fix this?

Regardless of the settings I'm using any time I get shot or I shoot someone, my game will crash. I have no idea what is causing it and I really want to be able to play the game for more than 5 seconds at a time, if anyone knows what causes this or can cause this, please let me know how to fix it.

@spartanviperz Same here. No one can hear me either.

Hopefully the constant loss of connection to server at like 95% level load will also be fixed, considering that seems to affect tons of users.

Game still launches as windowed mode compromising performance and altering mouse smoothing (although I have disabled it on the .ini file).
Also Anti Aliasing seems worse than beta1 and FXAA doesn't seem to work although it used to (when forced from nvidia control panel).

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@leoc I have a bug where getting in my friend's moving technical vehicle as a gunner disconnects me from the server. This is annoying as I cannot rejoin the game. They have to leave.

the customization items you get from levelling up do not show up in the customization menu

100% vga usage now :((,, so sad this game only use 40% of my vga and 40% of cpu right now which makes it kinda unplayable even in lowest settings.... i hope you guys look into this very soon.

specs r common 800$ gaming laptop

i7 7700hq
gtx 1050 4gb
8gb ram ddr4

As i have seen someone state earlier in this thread, the customization items that are supposedly unlocked when leveling are not actually unlocked, when the item is located in the Charecter menu, it still prompts a locked icon and need in game currency to unlock. This is not a one off occurence as it is happening to all items i am supposedly recieving.

Also if it helps whenever at the end of a match at the stats screen, when leveling up the items that is recieved shows the rarity colour in the top right corner (yellow, purple etc), the name of the item but no icon/sprite, just a blank box with text (name of item) in it (offset to the top so it looks like something belongs in there).

It makes me very hesitant to level up as i feel that i am missing out on some cusomizables that would otherwise take alot of grinding to recieve in game currency for, especially rares.

Maybe a blanket lvl reset on day one of release is called for if the bug is fixed to give everyone a chance to properly level up and obtain customizables.

Also for the first 6 or so games in PVP, my brother and i did not recieve any xp and remained on lvl 1, so maybe looking into the leveling system for bugs if not intentional. The amount of xp recieved for some games feels broken aswell, with next to none on some and heaps on others without any significant differences.

Great game, keep up the good work.


I took off the sand boonie hat I had unlocked and now it's locked again. Also, I unlocked the dark green watchcap after a round and it is not showing it as unlocked in the character customize menu.

I can't play any multiplayer pvp match, it locks me as a spectator even when there are slots open. Pve works fine tho. Problem persists after restart.

Hey NWI,

I have a few bugs/Issues that are not listed above.

  1. Joining a full CO-OP as a spectator.
  2. Sometimes in CO-OP you don't respawn with everyone.
  3. Sometimes your weapon sounds don't go off for a whole life, or a whole match.
  4. Settings sometimes don't save after closing the game.

The last bugs are most likely my PC spec issues. But I'll list them off so you can see what the issues are.
5. Player and gun models don't load after spawning.
6. Unlocking items after leveling up doesn't unlock the item, until I close the game and re-open the game.

PC Specs
GPU: GTX 950 2GB
CPU: I5 4440 (Quad core. 3.1 ghz)
RAM: 16GB (DDR3)

Thank you.

@frickhazard said in Insurgency: Sandstorm - Known Issues:

I can't play any multiplayer pvp match, it locks me as a spectator even when there are slots open. Pve works fine tho. Problem persists after restart.

Same here 😕

My game always freezes at 65% or 95% on the second beta which is very weird hope you fix the issue and also the loading time took so long

There seems to be stuttering / frame drop when shooting at an enemy or getting shot at in close/medium range even with frame smoothing/limiter on or off.
Could be system related (cpu) or vram issue? GTX 970 / 2500k
Maybe has to do with hit registration detection.

Hit registration seems off.
Objects get blurred when moving the camera.

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