FPS questions?
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That might be improved even with paper and pencil to draw some extra frames...
But seriously: get your FPS over 20 and it starts to be playable. Get it over 30 (stable) and you're fine.
For PC 60 is a norm, but even when I have pretty powerfull machine (for this game) I don't have those all the time...

I have a similar problem with jumping FPS and micro-stuttering. I never had this problem in Spintires, only in Mudrunner. This only happens when the FPS drops below 60.

With an integrated graphics chipset you can expect sub par performance.

It is weaker than an R7 240, good for multimedia, not for gaming.

hey... your cpu and gpu seems to reach a limit...
but anyway... try the 4gb patch... it's seems to run smoother... set prerenderd frames if it possible to 1... shadercache off...
one trick more... it runs smother when u unzipp the meshcache and set to the gamecinfig.xml a new line.... without the .zip

I enjoy the game with this settings on max out everything and far 4k resolution without any drops on 50-60fps... use 1060gtx and an i5 4670k....16gb ram...

Buddy, please, post your full system specifications so we can give you a proper answer. I'm pretty sure you have a hardware limitation there, I mean, your videocard IS definitly impacting your performance but I can't give you any suggestions until you share your CPU model and how much RAM you have.

Back in the day, I used to play it with a Radeon HD 5450 2Gb, Intel Core i3 2120 and 8Gb RAM and got around 20-24 FPS on high settings. It's playable but still, you should aim at least for 30FPS stable.

Aso, seems like your are on a laptop.. am I correct? if that's the case, it'll be a little bit difficult cuz you can't upgrade it.

this is my pc info0_1535473655424_info.JPG . also i have not reached 20fps during gameplay ever.. i don't know how to check the fps on other games , 1. i don't play anything else 2. i use the fps counter from steam. not a lap top, but an all- in- one HP pavilion 23 and it does not even have a HDMI port

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@rufus If I've got it correctly, you have some kind of "graphic card" integrated into processor...
This game is not GPU hungry, but because of physics it is more about CPU. Having those two merged is not a good start at all...
But try to google some tricks, maybe drivers or something. It is possible to play on that (but still, performance of gaming machine looks different)
Youtube Video

@rufus According to my quick research, you should be able to play the game on mid to high settings and get around 20fps. With everything turned down, you should get around 25-30 FPS, depending on the enviroments. I hope you saw the button on the options menu to activate/deactivate graphics features. There are not just the two slider for physics and graphics settings.

I'd give 2 advices:
1- Try to disable all mods (I mean Delete them altogether) cuz most mods are not well optimized and can cause a hughe impact on performance. Most noticeable on low end hardware.
2 - Reinstall a fresh copy of Windows, install the basic stuff and UPDATE ALL DRIVERS TO LATEST VERSION. Then try to run the game. Check the performance and if it's not impruved, then sorry buddy. You'll have to think about getting a higher end piece of hardware.

Let me know how it goes and if I can help you further.

Thanks All ! I did a little of and that, the biggest was , in the windows settings, i switched to high performance, in the display options , it turned off the the thumbnails on the desktop files, and reset other things that apparently make a big difference, with that and a few other changes to settings.. i'm up to a fairly stable 30/35 fps. it has really helped with the micro-pauses, and jerky-ness. thank you all __RUFUS

@rufus i just saw this and good to hear it is running better for you. month or two ago i had some issues like this with another game. i just let the windows "game mode" do it's thing for once instead of over riding it and wow what a difference i got. a few people i talked to had no effect when trying this, but a few others had the same effect as me. so it could be worth the try if you still want better performance and have not tried it yet.

hi 8up, my fps has settled in to appx 15/20 on the lowest settings. the CPU CORES thing seems to not do much at all as well.
I'll find the windows setting 'game mode'? i know that i have a punk 0.5gb GPU and only a 2.0ghz CPU. so i'm behind the eight ball from the get go. but any help i can get is totally appreciated. i'll be sure to let you know. __RUFUS
EDIT: I CANNOT FIND THE 'GAME MODE'SETTING, not to sound incompetent, 😵 but could someone point me in the right direction? __RUFUS

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its simple... get an descent system... this game can look really nice with some help(mods..reshade..freestyle) but only if u system allow that... so get out some Money and u will be happy... Spintires and Mudrunner was the only reason for me to buy an pc... start with a crappy laptop...stats like yours... than comes a better one... now i have the system i talked about.... just can say it was worth it...

@rufus guess i should paid attention i thought you was on windows10. it has it in the pc settings under gaming.

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